Five keys to building your resilience

The truth is that it would not be bad to go to the pharmacy and buy a few tablets of Resilencia. One day was enough not only to see ourselves better in front of the mirror, but to inject that necessary energy to learn how to respond to suspicion., or simply, with that daily stress that that work can give us … or the rumor of life, always full of good and bad things.

The IS Resilience it has been gaining a lot of weight in recent years in the social sciences, and in the field of mental health. The fact of the matter is that it is a concept invented by physics, and tells us about it Faculty that some subjects have to regain their original state in the face of certain circumstances that can deform and even break it.

How do we then apply this property in the realm of human and psychological? Can we perhaps return to our original state despite loss, betrayal or failure?

The truth of the matter is, no. We will never return to that state, until that time when we were relentless in all things and did not yet know the intricacies of life. But the Resilience It can teach us not only to learn from these effects, but to face them and come out elegantly from rejection, humiliation or any negative situation, which we certainly had to accept..

Sure you know a case. Children who grew up in disadvantaged family contexts, or in families with serious personal problems (abuse, alcoholism, poverty).

Not everyone has had to spend their youth in these situationsThey have come of age showing the psychological effects of such a dark era. There are people who have managed to overcome the enmity to develop a sense of survival, but the sense of hope, adaptability, prudence and good self-esteem.

How is it possible?

We must learn to separate the contexts from our own inner reality. Do you deserve the future of despair and suffering? Aren’t you worth the same or more than anyone? Why not learn to be happy by putting the past aside? Having lived in the dark, one already has too much knowledge of the shadows to be able to find the strength and face them.

People who develop resilience are adequately emotionally competent, but what does this mean? It means they have autonomy to decide what is good and bad for them. It means they have good self-esteem and know what they want.

People with resilience skills know what it’s like to go through a traumatic or complex event, where you need to be strong to survive. Let the days pass and not be afraid of the future. You should know that we all have enough abilities to face doubt, to overcome adversity and to succeed. Don’t you deserve it?

How do we access that path to a stronger future? First of all, we need to be clear about one aspect. Resilience is normal, not unusual. That is, we can all develop it. Being resilient at all does not mean being “immune” from pain, anxiety or worry, on the contrary. Emotional pain must be accepted, and understood.

We need to be realistic with what happens to us, and have a positive attitude about ourselves. Knowing how to manage emotions, accept pain but set goals and objectives for tomorrow. Never lose hope. Change is part of our lives and we have to accept it, because all of this will make us grow as human beings, learning to be stronger.

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