Lissa Rankin and the theory of self-healing

It is not a new topic. Occasionally there was talk of self-healing or bodily ability human heal itself. Now, Drs. Lissa Rankin a book called Mind Over: the scientific proof. You can heal yourself where he adopts this approach.

What Dr. Lissa Rankin does is give up the eternal enigma of placebo drugs. It is clear to science that human praise is a mechanism of self-healing. Little has been studied about the way this mechanism works.

Disease is an attempt at self-healing, a biological survival reaction despite emotionally uncontrolled events”.

-Christian Flèche-

How does the body heal itself? That is the central issue of the investigations conducted by Lissa Rankin. Your book It talks about six essential steps for the body to heal itself voluntarily. It also outlines the key measures to build a “preventive” mindset, in terms of physical health.

In 1957 a case that became paradigmatic, regarding the famous placebos, was documented. Dr. Philip West treating a patient named Wright. This one had lymphosarcoma, which is a type of cancer. The illness it was highly advanced and had already metastasized in various areas of its body. The man was in a terminal state.

However, Mr. Wright heard about drugs called experimental Krebiozen. He insisted all the time for his doctor to try it. Wright was not fit to enter the experiment. But his occupation was so great, I almost begged, that the doctor agreed, knowing that he had only a few days to live.

West gave him the Krebiozen on Friday. The patient was very critical Monday and had no other symptoms of pain or discomfort. On examination, for tumors reduced by 50%. What is most frightening is that a study appeared some time later in which it was confirmed that the drug was unused. The patient became ill again. The doctor lured him, then. He told her that there was a new version of that medicine, much more effective. He applied distilled water and the patient recovered.

Despite all the evidence, the American Medical Association did not want to give more credit to the facts. He indicated that West had concealed his patient. When he found out, he became ill again and did not recover.. Similar cases are countless. These were what Lissa Rankin took for her study.

What Lissa Rankin did began documenting the large number of cases in which the placebo effect worked.. Such cases covered a number of serious diseases: cancer, hypothermia, diabetes, ulcers, and even baldness and HIV.

Man focusing showing Lissa Rankin's self-healing effect

He also found several experiments in which, for example, patients were told that they were undergoing chemotherapy. They were actually given a placebo. Still, people lost their hair and vomited non-stop after receiving the substance. All of this resulted in Lissa Rankin’s posting, no doubt, that the mind is capable of healing the body.

Especially, obviously if the conditions are created to make the patient think it will be good, it will be good. The body receives that command, that direction from the brain, and acts accordingly. Also if you think you are sick, you will get sick.

Dr. refers. Lissa Rankin for some ways that help the body become more efficient in this self-healing process. He basically insists, however, on two aspects that he considers to be definitive in that task.

The first element is preventive medicine. This includes all the healthy practices that are incorporated into daily life. Apart from their specific effect on the body, these lifestyles help people feel healthy. In these conditions they do not take diseases very seriously.

Lissa Rankin and the placebo effect

The second aspect concerns stress. According to Dr. Lissa Rankin, stress, in all its forms, has overly harmful effects on the mind and on the body. Stress negatively activates what the doctor calls the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. It is the way the body reacts to a threat. But the body cannot distinguish whether it is a relationship problem or an earthquake. He has experienced it the same way.

Although Lissa Rankin ‘s studies have not been formally endorsed, most doctors agree with her that the effectiveness of the so – called placebo effect is a fact. Increasing studies and research in that direction would be good for everyone.

The magic of the placebo effect

The magic of the placebo effect

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