Personal growth plan: how to do it and not leave it on paper

A personal growth plan is something that is usually fashionable at the end of the year. Unlike the list of objectives for the next 12 months, however, this type of plan goes beyond setting objectives, is more detailed and covers longer periods.

Whether it’s a list of goals or a personal growth plan, the important thing is that it refers to achievable goals. To make that possible, it is necessary to go further. They are ways to propose a strategy, identify motivators and gamble each objective.

The difference between a slave and a citizen is that the citizen can wonder about his life and change it”.

-Alejandro Gándara-

We can say that a well-developed personal growth plan when you don’t need willpower fulfill it. It must be attractive and inspiring to those who recommend it, as otherwise it may remain on paper. How to do it? What needs to be considered? We’ll see it right away.

The personal growth plan: preliminary steps

Before you start making your personal growth plan, you should clarify some points. The first of them is why do it. Keep in mind that these types of plans to change lives are made in a profound way, in one or more aspects. So ask yourself why you need that change and focus on that.

It is appropriate to raise that cause positively. This means, rather than thinking of things in terms of “I want to stop suffering”, rather than putting them in perspective: “I want to be happier.” This is important because it helps you find constructive motivation.

After this, you need to think about whether you are going to make a short, medium or long term plan. If you have not already done so, or are having difficulty fulfilling the plans, it is best to try it in the short term, that is, a year. In the medium term it would be two to five years; long – term, more than five years.

The seven steps of the personal growth plan

When you are clear about the above, the next is to advance a seven-step process. Take your time. The best thing is that you give yourself at least a few weeks to get the final version of your personal growth plan ready. The following are the steps to be completed.

1. Build a vision

In this section you have to answer the question: what do I want to change for myself? Again we insist that you put it positively. For example, “I want to be more independent” instead of “I want to be less dependent.” At this point it is worth to dream and be ambitious. Then everything will be adjusted.

Also identify:

2. Land the ideas

Experts on the subject say that at this point it is appropriate to SWOT Matrix (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities). The goal is to find out what terrain you are on. This will help you redefine or refine your purpose.

3. Specify the aims

The goals are specific objectives that meet three characteristics: they must be concrete, measurable and achievable. Goals are the partial achievements that you must achieve in order to achieve the ultimate goal. It is advisable to define deadlines for achieving them.

4. Define support habits

Support habits those small daily tasks that help you achieve your goals and, therefore, your great aim. The word “daily” needs to be emphasized, as this is essential so that the whole plan has ongoing support.

5. Identify the things you should not do

He agrees identify those behaviors that you should not do so that you do not implement your plan. Try not to make a long list of restrictions, as this may make you feel restricted. It is sufficient to describe two or three actions.

Woman writing down her personal growth plan in a notebook.

6. Establish feedback mechanisms

Some people find it helpful to devise a system of rewards and “penalties”. Reward yourself periodically when you see that you stick to your plan, and when you lean, sanction yourself, but not grudgingly. It’s a way to adapt yourself to moving forward.

7. Plan periodic reviews

Regular reviews are very important because it will allow you to analyze and adjust what is not working. You may even need to redefine the core purpose at some point. It is completely valid.

By completing these seven steps, you already have your personal growth plan. Ideally, you should make it very attractive, almost provocative for you. If you see it reluctantly or feel it is a very heavy burden or duty, redesign everything. The secret is to seduce you.

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