Stand tall with your head up and claim your power

Claim your power, don’t lower your head, don’t reintroduce what you don’t like, don’t like or that makes you angry. You have a voice to speak, a look that life refuses to see fear and a presence that already requires more spaces. Do so, stay upright, because true height is not measured in centimeters, it is felt in courage, respect and personal determination.

Montesquieu said that To stop an abuser of his power, another power must stop him. In a way, it’s as if we’re always about a game of forces where we control each other, where we measure ourselves, where we interfere, challenge each other and stop our feet at a particular moment. Far from living together, we are in that society that has always loved hierarchies and the discrimination they lead to.

“I don’t want women to have power over men, but over themselves.”

-Mary Wollstonecraft-

That said, if we analyze for a moment the word “power” from a psychological point of view, we will find multiple studies in which the same terms always emerge: autority, alignment, coercion, fear, interdependence, etc., and above all insert “B” over “A”.

Now, recently, some exciting changes have been made to this concept. Currently, psychology gives us that so-called “personal power” field, where there are games, differences or coercion of one group over another, something different is born.

Let’s talk about it the opportunity to build together internal strengths, to “empower” ourselves to achieve our goals and create a fairer society. To do this, we must first work on our personal power, our self-confidence, our potential and in turn awaken that self-love that no longer sees limits on its horizon and puts fear aside. finally to trust its possibilities.

It is time to understand the word “power” in another way. We are able to see it as an awakening, an awareness of what a person deserves, of what can be done for you and especially for society itself. There is, for example, a very interesting book on the same subject by the anthropologist William Ury entitled “The positive power of a NO”, which invites us to reflect deeply.

In many contexts where there is a clear difference in power, where some exercise their influence and others are subject to social, economic or gender differences, there is a fact that is always repeated. The one at the top of that pyramid of influence is always used to getting what he wants. Life, the people around him, as you would say, have always said “yes” to any project, to any stick, high goal or children’s whim.

As the doctor explained William Ury, these types of people exert their influence through the empire of fear. A) YesIf you want to claim your power, you need to do something as simple as daring to say “no” when you think so, want it or consider it.. It is as obvious as setting boundaries for those who have become accustomed to seeing their personal horizon clear of obstacles against all of their desires.

a girl who covers one eye when she thinks of your power

Now, we need to consider another aspect. It’s not enough that one just likes to say “no” in the end. No change happens with a lonely voice and a brave person who wants to take the step alone. The big movements are born with the union of many “noes” rising in the same voice.

Here’s what we’re seeing now with the #metoo movement. There were many women who were eager to take the step in their day, but no one wanted to listen to them, let alone believe them. At this time society is more sympathetic, and they came together to put aside fear and make reality visible when abuse of power reached unacceptable limits.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, no matter what age you are and what situation you are in now, remember: you have power in you and it is well worth using. That inner bias should enable you to find your place in the world, the one you want and not the other you want. That force must be luminous and creative, it must be a flame capable of guiding you in times of darkness and powerful enough to comfort and guide others.

To achieve this, we can work on the following features:

  • Examine your identity, define your values, be aware of what defines you and what you deem unacceptable.
  • Explore your abilities and possibilities. Also find out your limitations.
  • Reflect on your position in society, about what surrounds you in these moments and your role in your everyday contexts. Do you feel that you are known for what you expect and what you want?
  • Restore those aspects of your social and personal reality that you don’t like. Being able to make yourself the person you love, without leaving aside fears, prejudices and critical voices.

a girl with a bird on the shoulder showing your power to improve

Finally, Investing time and effort in your personal day-to-day life is crucial to building your self-esteem, assertiveness, and self-confidence.… Your power better underpins your inner security and the awareness you deserve. Only then will you refuse to lower your head again, but then you will be part of that movement based on respect, equality and the ideal of achieving a more dignified society for all.

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