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When faced with the use of psychoactive substances there is a lot of confusion in the world. The issue goes through political or police management and in these areas, non-medical considerations prevail. The use of drugs such as marijuana, for example, but not alcohol, is persecuted, which has far more severe effects on the physical and mental plane. Here we tell you what the ten most addictive drugs in the world really are.

“Drugs take you away from how great you can be and the great way you have to go”

-Without a name-

Nicotine is one of the main components of tobacco, and the most addictive drugs on the market. It is legal to use which is why it can be easily found in any store or supermarket. Over the last few decades a number of regulations have been established for its consumption, but the effect has not really been noticed. Withdrawal symptoms occur when smoking cessation is severe and in the most critical cases they require medical follow-up.

It is a synthetic drug derived from amphetamine and is known as “meth”, “chalk”, “speed”, “ice” or “crystal”. It is a transparent white powder, with a bitter taste and no odor. It is inhaled, smoked or injected. It has a very high addictive power and can cause great damage.

Cracked is a cocaine residue and one of the drugs that produces the greatest deterioration in human health. Its consumption creates an immediate sense of pleasure and compensation, but the effect lasts between 3 and 7 minutes; then there is a strong depression, which can only be overcome with new consumption. This vicious cycle makes it one of the substances with the greatest power to generate dependence.

They are psychiatric drugs, legal and almost always prescribed by a doctor. They have a strong potential for people who use them to become addicted. Some of these sedatives have trade names such as “Diazepam”, “Valium”, “Senocal”, “Secobarbital”, “Lorazepam” and “Clonidine”. These drugs have significant side effects on the liver, heart and brain.

“Drug abuse is not a disease, it is a decision, like the decision to jump out of a moving car. I would not call it a disease but a mistake in judgment “

-Phipip K. Dick-

Another of the legal drugs, which have high social consumption and high potential to generate addiction. It has the characteristic that it inhibits behavior and evokes a feeling of euphoria and joy, but in turn causes depression.. Insofar as the addictive ability is increasing and decreasing mood. This drug often generates erroneous and violent behavior.

It is a drug derived from the processing of morphine. It has a very high addictive power: practically 100% of people who try it, depend on it. The withdrawal symptoms are quite severe which is why it is difficult to stop them.

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Cocaine addiction occurs in both physical and psychological terms. It creates a feeling of euphoria and self-confidence, which takes about thirty minutes to depart. The effects of abstinence are immediately apparent: irritability, depression and distress.

It is the most consumed inspiration in the world. If a person takes more than 300 milligrams a day, stopping coffee can cause major discomfort such as headaches, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

Synthetic drug originally used as an anesthetic. It generates great euphoria in the people who eat it and feel insurmountable. It also causes vivid hallucinations. Prolonged consumption can lead to dementia.

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Another of the laboratory drugs taken by a large number of users. His addictive power is not the highest, but generates significant withdrawal symptoms when suspended: paranoia, anxiety, depression and the insomnia.

Have you known some of these drugs with the most addictive power? Although society allows some of their consumption, it does not mean that they are so “bad”. For this reason, it is important that we are aware of their consequences and the problems that can arise if we become addicted to them.

What hides addiction?

What hides addiction?

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