The wound does not heal because it needs healing elsewhere

What is fleeing and what is fighting, when the wound does not stop bleeding. Sometimes the wound does not heal because it needs healing elsewhere. Leaving someone or staying alone is a metaphor that reflects the struggle of everyone for the life they are trying to live.

Sometimes it’s not about forgetting traumas, people, or trying to leave boredom behind. Sometimes it’s about leaving as we are, broad and cheap. We are often born in places, but we do not belong to them. Some of their identities, their memories, their peculiarities, are with us, but they are only details that do not fully shape us as human beings.

We spent years fighting to lie in place, presenting our desires and desires. Sometimes we are in a place where the roots stop having nutrients. We do not retain fruit because we have lost the ability to do so, but because the necessary conditions are not in place to do so.

Continuing the metaphor of roots and movement, we need to be aware that we can move if we need change.. Or some. We are not trees, and we are not stones. So maybe the time will come when we need to heal elsewhere.

No matter where you live. All the places where you have lived or will live are an important topic. Those places bring out something new, different. Each new location comes with the usual ritual of finding a house and space. To get a grip on the routes of your new neighborhood. In this phenomenon, there is great joy and confusion in making a new space “yours”. Actually, the tension is always there, but sometimes you know how to streamline the process more.

The process of adaptation requires energy, cognitive commitment and emotional investment. As we adapt to new geographies, if conditions are satisfactory, we are likely to develop some form of connection with them.

In the same way we are connected to our loved ones and friends as we age, we can develop a sense of connection to the places where we live, from our home, our neighborhood, our city, and for some, the whole country.

Over time, certain places become part of our identity and personal history, part of our own.

In order to heal, I need to know my wounds and where they are easier to heal

The best thing about experiencing life in different places it’s easier to know what your real problems are, of the environment around you and what others come from the lack of affinity between that environment and you. So from this knowledge is born an intelligent will to change ourselves.

The main thing to learn by being in different places, trying them out, is that your personal problems and difficulties will remain the same. At some point, however, you find that the solution is simpler in some places, and in others we suffer too much. They are not “emotionally” profitable for us, be it a city, home, family or workplace.

Where we live is also a matter of medical interest. Geospatial medicine, sometimes called geomedicine, studies how a site affects health and well-being. Just as a person has genetic DNA, he also has environmental DNA.

At least this is the line of thought of the biologist and geographer Amy blatt, author Health, science and place: “I don’t think people take into account the importance of a place to affect their health until it’s too lateBlatt says.

Article published in the New Journal of English Medicine reports that for premature death, genetics has only a 30% impact; the other 70% is attributed to non-genetic factors such as the environment, access to medical care, and individual behaviors.

If the environment in which we live is as important as physical health, the same will happen with psychological health, so the wound heals elsewhere. However, in addition to being important in some aspects, such as community public services, our social environment will go. Feel good to be active.

Stephan Goetz, professor of agricultural and regional economics at Penn State, published a study It showed that the residents of the suburbs were happier than the people of the rural areas. Interestingly enough, people who had not moved at all in the last five years reported being happier.

This could be related to not making new friends and social networks“Goetz says. There are also wounds that do not need to be healed elsewhere, they need another site to heal.

Hugging friends

That is to say, it is not just about structural resources, but about feeling in tune with the people around you and wanting to stay for a long time without being persuaded by anyone. Sometimes wounds like this heal, allowing different “Airs” to see which is more suitable.

Finally, for those who tell you “there is nothing like human land” or that he is getting lost or fleeing from different places; remind them of that sometimes even unwanted escapes go to where you always wanted to be. About Something Of »move on you are not a tree“.

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